is an online presence to promote locally owned and independent businesses located on Block Avenue in downtown Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Why do we call ourselves Block Street Businesses and not Block Avenue Businesses?


Yes, we know the map says Block Avenue, but if you talk to residents who live in Fayetteville, they’ll typically refer to our area as “Block Street” or just “Block.” Commonly you’ll hear such statements as: “Man, I just LOVE Block Street,” “Have you seen the new parking on Block Street?” or “I’m headed to Block to check out the Block Street Art Sale.” When deciding on a name, we opted for the vernacular. We know it’s an avenue on the map, but we’re just THAT independent.

So, if you’re looking for a Block Street Business, simply consult our business listing for the correct street address on Block Avenue. And, for you sticklers, you can get to this site from or, too. 😉