• 8 January 2022
  • Carolyn Seidel
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Contraction is a common term in the English language, particularly in grammar. It refers to the shortening of words by omitting one or more letters or sounds while retaining the same meaning.

In a sentence, contractions are created by combining two words, and it is essential to understand the correct use of contractions to communicate effectively in English.

For example, instead of writing “I am going to the store,” the contraction “I`m” can be used to shorten it. Similarly, “He will” can be written as “He`ll,” and “You have” can be shortened to “You`ve.”

Contractions are commonly used in everyday speech and informal writing, including emails, chats, and social media posts. However, in formal writing such as academic papers, business letters, and professional emails, it is preferred to avoid contractions. Instead, it is preferable to use the full form of words.

Moreover, using contractions in certain circumstances can be considered inappropriate and disrespectful. For instance, writing “Wouldn`t it be better if you went to bed early?” may be seen as disrespectful when addressing seniors or superiors.

In conclusion, contractions are essential in the English language and are widely used in everyday communication. However, proper usage and understanding of context are crucial when it comes to contractions in formal writing and situations. As a copy editor, it is necessary to ensure the correct use of contractions as it contributes to effective communication.

Carolyn Seidel

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